Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Love The World

Discovery Channel has outdone themselves with this commercial.

It makes me sooooooo happy.


Maggie said...

The world is just awesome.

It's a great tagline!

I liked the Mike Rowe commercial, too, where he was explaining the programming changes... "Mondays are dirty. Tuesdays are deadly. Wednesdays, I've picked up a nice pottery class... Thursdays are origami... Friday I catch up on my reading..."

grump said...

I like the Mike Rowe commercial where he's talking about his celebrity life.

"Me and pig hit the clubs, get our crump on"

"Actually, I'm usually in bed by 10. Nine if it's a week night."

Maggie said...

Have you heard his Dirty Jobs theme song? Not only is it funny and cheerful, but he has a great voice too.

grump said...

I'll do you one better.

Watch this.