Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zombie Defense Bedside Table

If, like me, you're trying to prepare for the inevitable Zombie horde, you're always on the lookout for weaponry that is practical, effective and stylish. The James McAdam Zombie Defense Bedside Table fits that niche perfectly. Don't be fooled by McAdam's downplaying of the Zombie defense parts of the table. He's British. Stiff upper lip and all.

Simple and effective visual instructions will have you bashing in Zombie skulls faster than you can say, "I think Grammy's been bit."

Here you see the typical London flat-dweller shortly after being awakened by undead scratching at his windows. Even bleary eyed (and obviously hung-over), he is ready for action in seconds. In a Zombie outbreak, seconds may be all you get.


misskitty79 said...

Hoard ≠ horde.

Chris Vaughan said...

Thanks MissKitty79!