Friday, August 24, 2007

Vintage Robot Art

I grew up watching "Lost In Space" on WTCG (before it was TBS) every Sunday morning. I can't tell you how many times we were late for Sunday school because I had to be drug out of the house mid episode.

The best part of "Lost In Space" was the retro, campy robot. The 9 year old Chris loved robots. I wanted a robot more than anything. The 30-something Chris wants one of these robots.

The prices are staggering, but these Lawrence Northey art pieces are stunning. Brass and chrome mechanized characters brought to life, they wake up the robot love of my childhood and remind me that there are wonders yet to see.


Lawrence Northey said...

Cheer up Chris. It's true the all-metal sculptures aren't for everyone but, the Limited Edition, "DAVE the Robot" is made to fit practically anyone's budget. "DAVE the Robot" has many of the same features as the all-metal sculptures I create but, at a fraction of the cost(only $1195.
USD). Standing a full thirty two inches in height DAVE is created
with aluminum, brass, cast resin and comes complete with a real,
glass helmet.

Additional features for DAVE so far include: "SNEAKY PETE" his
trusty, K-9 sidekick and/or a LUNAR BASE. These extras can be
purchased at the same time (save on shipping) or, separately.

If you're considering a "DAVE the Robot" often patrons prefer to make their purchases with a series of smaller payments. If this is of interest to you we can get started right away. You will be joining the many other patrons already successfully adding to their collections in this way.
Thank you very much for your interest in WWW.ROBOTART.NET Chris.



Ed said...

Amazing. Number 1 in my top 10 robot artists on the internet: