Friday, August 31, 2007

Open Letter to Buck's Pizza

Inspired by their "About Us" page, I emailed them the following:

Hey guys,

I saw that Buck's had opened a new restaurant in Valdosta, and, since I *love* pizza, I hurried out to the web to find out what makes you different than the other dozen or so places to get a pie here in town.

Imagine my disappointment when clicking on your "About Us" page to find you not passionate about food, and your pizza, but passionate about your business strategy.

You very well may have a passion for selling great food. You might have something that distinguishes you from the massive pizza delivery pack, but you're not letting us see that. Instead, your website reads like a prospectus, and that's caused me to decide to order from someone else.

Best regards,
Chris Vaughan

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Darrin said...


I noticed your letter regarding the Buck's Pizza "about us" page and respectfully disagree with you.

When you hurried to the web to see what makes us different, evidently you may have been in too big of hurry, maybe just too hungry. The last paragraph on the "about us" page answers your question, then you can hit the menu page and it goes into even more detail about our products.

Here's the last paragraph...."Buck's designed its product to be positioned as a super premium quality in the market place. When it comes to pizza, we never cut any corners. It is a source of pride that what we prepare is always superior quality. To serve the best food, we buy only select ingredients and prepare them in our own special way. The basis for the best pizza starts with dough. Ours starts with the highest protein top grade flour and is made fresh in each store, using only 100% natural ingredients - no extenders are ever used. Our dough will never be made in bulk and trucked in from a remote commissary. Our sauce is FRESH PACKED from VINE-RIPENED TOMATOES. It will never be made from re - manufactured tomato products using bulk tomato concentrate and water. Our cheese is 100% real cheese."

Check us out again on the web, then just click the "Order Now" button and you can place a order over the web.

I suggest the Steak & Cheese pizza, or the one of the 11 different flavored fresh chicken wings and fresh chicken won't find anything close to that with someone else.

Give Chad a call in Valdosta, he'll take great care of you.

Eat well!
Buck's Pizza