Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More on the HTC Advantage

Engadget has a nice hands-on article covering life with the aforementioned HTC Advantage.

A few things in the article caught my eye.

  1. Telenav Map Updates: Telenav, the GPS software that comes with the Advantage, acts a lot like Maemo Mapper, the freely available GPS software that runs on my Nokia 770. It downloads maps as you need them, which leaves me in fear of being lost in an area with no phone or Wifi connectivity. Rather defeats the purpose of GPS if you have to stay within the network cloud.
  2. The screen resolution is 320x240, with the ability to run in 640x480 badly, because while the screen supports it, the software doesn't. Compare that to my Nokia 770's 800x480 crisp, web-page-width screen. The HTC falls short.
  3. Windows Mobile. Engadget says "Windows Mobile visibly struggles to fill the X7501's giant shoes, not unlike trying to run, say, Windows 3.1 on a 2007 spec desktop PC." Clearly, this device is closer to a PC than a PDA and deserves a richer operating environment.
So, I guess it's clear that the $140 Nokia 770 was the right device for me. No more technolust on the HTC Advantage, I promise.

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