Monday, February 26, 2007

A Time to Sow

Vine Ripened, originally uploaded by Grumpy Chris.

I've been watching the weather, waiting for the right time to start my patio garden this year. I've decided that March 1st is as good a time to plant as any. That means this coming weekend.

I want to do more this year. Last year was a great effort for my first try, but I ended up with some plants that didn't make it, so, this year, I'm going to start out with way more plants than I really need. Survival of the fittest don't play.

Yes, I'm going to plant some tomatoes. Some peppers too, but I want to stretch my wings a little this year. I haven't decided what to plant yet, but I'm going to go by the nurseries and see what they have and poke around online to see what exotics I might be able to order. Backyard sweet corn anybody?

My goal is to be elbow deep in manure this weekend. Want to join me?

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