Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fun With Wrong Numbers

Someone calling you by mistake is annoying. Somebody texting your phone by mistake can be fun.

229-415-2324 (7:06 am): Let me tell u something i have been in love before and when u do something for someone and u really want 2 is should not b nothing said
Me (7:09 am): Really? I think you're wrong.
Me (7:10 am): How else do you explain the lillies of the field and pizza delivery (WITH COUPONS)!!!!!
Me (7:15 am): I think I deserve an answer.
229-415-2324 (7:29 am): What your Name
229-415-2324 (7:31 am): MAN MY NAMe Is CharLes
Me (7:32 am): Hey CharLes. I still think the coupons are important.
Me (7:37 am): What time is it there?
229-415-2324 (7:38 am): Man I dont know You
Me (7:38 am): Then why are you talking to me?
229-415-2324 (7:40 am): Not Any More Bye
Me (7:45 am): Bye CharLes. I will miss you.
Me (7:50 am): I always cry at breaking up.

At this point CharLes brain short circuited and he core dumped a string of obscenities into his SMS buffer. I won't bother to reproduce them here, since I'm sure they were meant as "out of band" debug information.

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