Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cleaning the Volusia

I got up this morning and decided to wash the Volusia. Being winter, it is usually too cold to ride it in the pre-7am minutes when I leave for work, even here in balmy south Georgia. Well, too cold for me anyway.

Another side effect of the cold combined with the infrequent rides means that the battery is too dead to start the bike most of the time. It really isn't that big of a hassle, but I really need to figure out some type of remote battery cable so I don't have to remove both seats to get to the battery.

I've had the bike for almost a year now, been through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Safety Course and ridden around 4,000 miles. While that is a pittance compared to some of these rain-or-shine riders, a couple of incidents have made me happy to have that class under my belt. If you're thinking of riding, take the class. Yes, there are parts that are rather "cheesy" and sometimes the videos will make you roll your eyes, but going through the riding portion and repeating avoidance or tight turning manuvers in a single day more times that most riders will in several years builds confidence and trains reflexes so that when you do find yourself between an IROC and a hard place, you won't have to think about what to do.

Anyway, the bike is nice and clean and the battery is charged and my fingers are crossed for a nice warm week so I can feel the thunder between my legs, so to speak.

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Wenchy said...

Love the bike.