Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Ragtop Blues

I’ve got a craving for a new toy. Specifically, a fun second car I can take the top off and drive around with Jones and have people stare.

For a while, I’ve lusted after a Ravenna Green Karmann Ghia . The color is the same as my SuperBeetle I had when I was 16, and the Karmann Ghia is the car I wanted in the first place, but my mom refused on grounds that parts were harder to come by. Moms. Sheesh.

I’m a big guy. Six feet, two inches, and way too many pounds doesn’t fit all that well in such a tiny car. My friend Chad0 has a Miata, and I’ve driven it, quite uncomfortably. My biggest complaint was that my knees hit the underside of the dash, and my size 12 feet filled every inch of the tiny footwell, making braking, accelerating, and using the clutch (clutching?) a real booger. Maybe a tiny roadster isn’t for me.

Now I’m looking for a Jeep. I think I should stick with an older CJ, but the one ammenity I don’t want to give up is air conditioning. There is a company in Arizona that makes aftermarket AC kits, but they bolt on under the dash and look cheap. Factory air has become one of my requisites.

So, if you have a Jeep, or see a Jeep for sale that meets those criteria, email me and I’ll take a look.

Here is my wishlist:

  • Jeep CJ, Scrambler, or Wrangler (with round headlights).

  • Factory Air Conditioning.

  • Hard Doors (glass side windows that roll up/down).

  • My dream would be a Ravenna Green color, with Yellow in second, but I’ll consider any color.

  • Black or grey interior.

  • Manual Transmission.

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