Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Parental Rights and the Nanny State

We are living in an age where parents can be charge with child abuse for not giving their child highly addictive, mind-altering drugs.

This article tells the tale of a parent who noticed serious side effects from the Ritalin his son was being given to treat his “disruptive” behavior. The side effects included weight loss and sleep disturbances as well as an altered affect which left the parent thinking, “This just isn’t my son.”

Recently, an admittedly unlikable and troubled mother refused a Caesarean section that could have saved the life of her unborn twins, one of whom later did die. She was charged with murder. The woman is despicable. The surviving twin had traces of cocaine in his blood. She is clearly a bad person, but does that mean she committed murder by refusing a medical procedure that is unnecessary almost half the time?

Do something now, unless the idea of having to register your chewing gum appeals to you.

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