Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It isn't about you

It isn’t all about me either. Sometimes, something wanders into my field of view that gives me pause and makes me gasp at what I have, and what others have lost.

Books For Soldiers is one of those places that does that for me. It was in particular the postings in the forum, Operation Forgotten Soldier that stopped me, and left me short of breath for a moment. I’m not a huge fan of war, not a rah-rah go team military booster kind of guy, and certainly not willing to join some cause just because my friends think I should, but that doesn’t really matter. Like most of us, I’ve at times felt like an outcast, unwanted, and like others would be better off without me. So, when I read a letter like this from a guy concerned for some of his fellow soldiers:

These following soldiers have not recieved much mail and I would like to show them that people out there care and really do love what they are doing. Please boost there morale and send them a note

SSG Steephen Calgren
SPC James Trucks
PFC Brice Vinyard
SGT Marc Johnson
PFC Stevens
SSG Vladamir Carrillo

A Co 601st ASB, 4th BDE, 1st Inf Div (FWD)
OIF (FOB Speicher)
APO, AE 09392

Thank you very much and please let them know they are special

... it just made me think.

If you want to do something quick, which would actually make a difference in a young person’s life, go read through Books For Soldiers and pick one person to send one letter to. You don’t have to make it a cause, you don’t have to devote yourself to it. Send one letter. You won’t regret it.

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