Friday, August 29, 2003

Absense Of Opinion

For a while, I was really stuck on watching the news every evening. Each evening, I sat through my admittedly right-leaning selection of Fox News shows and listen to Greta Van Susteren, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and his token liberal sidekick Alan Colmes kick around current events. Regularly, the conversations became heated, giving a sense of import and urgency. Then, my TV broke.

It took almost two weeks for it to be repaired, and in that time, I formed a complete lack of opinion on just about everything newsworthy, from whether Scott killed Lacey to who really should be the next governor of California. Rather than dismiss my absence of opinion as apathy, I’ve come to realize that it is because very little of what is shown on current news shows is actually news worthy.

These people are in the business of making you think what they have to say is important. Gone are the days (if they really ever existed) of reporters having relevance forced upon them by events of significance. Instead, we have little people trying to puff up insignificant events to make a name for themselves.

It matters that justice is done; It matters that a correct verdict is rendered in the murder case du jour, but it doesn’t affect my day to day life. Following the minutia of such things is just voyeurism. It is better than public hangings and gladiator fights, but only incrementally.

I’m mainly ranting at myself. Like I said before, I had become a news junkie, and I’m not happy with myself. I’ve got other interests, actual pursuits and productive endeavors to be about, so watching the lives of minor celebrities unfold on cable just steals my life from me, impact segment by impact segment.

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