Saturday, April 13, 2002

What a Week!

I couldn’t bring myself to call UCF and turn them down. Every time I thought I had my mind made up, some well meaning person said something to make me reconsider. Yesterday, my dentist said “Ok, they offer you paid tuition and a stipend. What’s the choice here?”

So, I’m going to think on it, and pray on it this weekend and make my final decision on Monday. If I don’t die of an anxiety attack before then. This is soooo stressful.

  • Can I go back to communal living?
  • Should I wait for UNC Update: They rejected me, so this is a non-issue. I was two months late getting my application in, though.
  • Do I really want a PhD?
  • Will I be happy programming .NET at $SOME_LOCAL_COMPANY?
  • Will Margo tell Jack she’s really having John’s cloned baby?

Wait, that last one isn’t me

All you PhD computer science students… give me feedback!

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